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Digitize your entire visitor process and get the professional corporate solution with WELCOME.
From a transparent overview of all visitors to digital safety instructions to real-time statistics - with WELCOME you have perfect control.

Single Access Entry Control Systems

To ensure safe and controlled access to buildings or company premises for visitors, WELCOME can optionally exchange visitor data with a "single access entry control system". This means that authorized visitors can operate the separation system independently via a QR reader. With WELCOME, authorized persons naturally have a real-time overview of the visitor flows.

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Gate control for trucks

To ensure safe and controlled access to the company premises for trucks, WELCOME can optionally exchange entry and exit data with a gate control for trucks. This means that authorized truck drivers can operate the gate control for trucks independently via a QR reader. With WELCOME, authorized persons naturally have a real-time overview of the truck streams.

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Overview truck on premises

WELCOME Corporate Security gives you a real-time overview of which and how many trucks are currently on your company premises with which drivers and with which forwarding agent number. You can configure the depth of information for your overview individually with WELCOME. This gives you a transparent overview and fast processing of truck traffic.

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Multi-client capability

Do you have several locations and therefore also reception areas? No problem with WELCOME, but perfectly solved! Manage your reception areas in a client overview and control your printers and WELCOME screens specifically and individually. This way you always have everything under control and can direct your visitors to the desired reception area.

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The WELCOME Screen

Using the WELCOME screen you can greet your visitors with a virtual "Welcome" right at the entrance / reception area and can also provide initial information such as "Please contact ...". Design the WELCOME screen according to your own ideas and corporate design using the included editor.

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Dates are transparent at a glance! With the Outlook integration, you can plan your appointments in Outlook and WELCOME without media disruption. You can also create appointments directly in WELCOME which were previously only maintained in Outlook. The add-in recognises the external participants, subject, date and hour and allows you to fill in WELCOME-specific information for individual visitors directly in Outlook. This means that in Outlook the welcome screens, personal welcome message, visitor badge and documents which have to be signed can be defined for each visitor.

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Visitor Badge

Create visitor-specific badges at the push of a button and use the editor to design your own visitor badge layout. Of course, WELCOME also comes with a check-in / check-out process at the push of a button. And if there are persons visiting on a regular basis, the "permanent visitor" regulation also offers a simple and quick solution.

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Date Confirmation

Provide your visitors with all important information in advance. WELCOME summarises all relevant visit data in a clearly structured form in an e-mail and adds convenient directions. Your visitor is thus optimally prepared for his appointment.


Wallet Ticket

WELCOME can automatically generate wallet tickets for your visitors for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. No need to search for the invitation in a crowded e-mail inbox, just save it in the wallet. Wallet automatically displays the ticket to the visitor shortly before check-in.

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Check-In with QR-Scanner

Design the check-in process for your visitors even faster with the individually generated QR code. WELCOME supports QR scanners as standard - both stand-alone and in all-in-one terminals.

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Self Check-In

After your visitor has got the first positive impression because he saw his / her name on the welcome screen, the next step is impressive, as well: With the self check-in, your visitor fill in their data by himself / herself. Registration via a tablet? No problem, of course! Whether via a terminal or by your reception secretary - the visitor receives a visitor badge and can sign agreements. This is how visitor reception works today.

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Online Check-In

With the "Online Check-In" function, you can read through the agreements to be signed in advance and then sign relaxed.
This saves you time during your on-site appointment and allows you to check in faster.
You will also receive a copy of the signed agreements by email when you check in online.
The link to the online check-in will be sent in the invitation email. So just click on the link, read and sign agreements.

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Safety instructions

You always have an overview of which visitors are in your house. Security agreements need to be signed? This can now be done digitally. You present the security-relevant agreement and your visitor signs e.g. on a tablet. Of course, you can define time limits for how long the agreements are valid. Everything safe, everything under control!

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Resource management

Reserve a meeting room or parking space? This can be done in no time and to your absolute satisfaction. WELCOME supports you in managing your resources. These could be, for example, visitor parking spaces or meeting rooms. You set this up individually in the settings and can book a parking space or a meeting room directly when you create a visitor appointment.

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Room display

If you have booked a conference room for a meeting, WELCOME automatically displays the individual room occupancy on appropriate screens. You can configure any number of room displays with WELCOME.

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Overview of visitors

From a security point of view, you must be able to provide information at any time about which visitors are staying in your buildings. With WELCOME Online, authorised persons have an overview of present and expected visitors.

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Real-time statistics

Your event costs at a glance! This is how you save money. Authorized persons can view the real-time statistics via smartphones, tablets and any device with a web browser. The digital statistics about exact visitor numbers is an important element in the post-processing and is used for 100% accurate event billing.

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The check-in terminals - perfect for an impressive and trouble-free check-in. At the terminals, visitors can check in, register independently, sign documents and print their visitor badge. The devices can also be equipped with scanners, so that visitors can check in even faster using a barcode. And if you want to print a picture of the visitor on the badge, the terminal can also be equipped with a camera.

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